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Scene 1:- Long ago there prevailed a time, when the consumer market wasn’t crowded with too many players (organizations). Buyers didn’t have many options for buying necessary utilities. As only few sellers had the monopoly. So hardly was there any scope for intricacies. Call it a niche or any management jargon you want to tag it with, but that was precisely the situation. However as they say, “Any market big or small is ought to breed a competition”. Complying to the saying, were two big wheels who ruled the market (the brands cannot be named, ah…. Apologies it’s an obvious corporate protocol). Anyways so, the two powerful brands didn’t leave any stone unturned to outsmart each other in strategies. Both were equally valuable in the eyes of every single consumer in the market. It was a literal snatch play going on between the two. Well, metaphorically it may remind one of a conventional dispute going on between two parties for a land share (the land here being the consumer’s mind). Funny thing, it relates to the dispute on the paradise of earth (you know what it is and you know who the parties to it are).

Scene 2:- Very soon the two big wheels fell in the eyes of media. Our dear media found the corporate tussle quite a juicy food for cultivating lurid news. So as expected, the media commenced with its role of fueling the competition, by publicizing it to the core. Flashy headlines, media bites on the two brands, talk shows talking only about the duo battle, entanglement of politics all aggrandized the repulsion between the two companies so much, that now the brands were nothing less than celebrities. Some eminent sources reported that one of the two brands even attempted an artificial surveillance on  its rival’s marketing activities. This was out of desperation to excel the other one (See what corporate competitive spirit can drive us to).

Scene 3:- Almost every tactic got explored by these two. Right from the splendid ad campaigns, media planning strategies, effective distribution processes, penetrative pricing, quality appreciation to the grandeur marketing and promotional endeavors. Nothing worked.

Finally the fortune wheel turned favorable. It was 25th December, Christmas, a time for merriment. The CEO of one of the battling brands was walking down the street near his house, where he saw a group of nuns distributing white lilies to the kiosk owners. The crowd of nuns was voicing the Christmas Carol. However, it was not the conventional one. The nuns had improvised every line by adding a new set of words at the end of each one. It went something like, “Jingle bells Jingle bells, Jingle all the way, Santa says it’s time now for a return gift to him right away”. Santa needs a return gift? But what? We never thought of gifting Santa. Actually the nuns said that a perfect gift for Santa will be to end all rivalries in this world.

“I hit upon a plan, I hit upon a plan” were the words of the CEO. “Damn it was a piece of cake, what was I thinking?”. The CEO rushed to his house and related the corporate tussle thing to his wife. “Why don’t you two merge? I mean it’s better to shake hands when it’s tough to combat” said the wife. “Yes, but tell me how? We are at violent enmity with each other”, said the CEO. “How about a gift? A good one. A really. I always do that to please your mother. Hah it always works” that one from genius wife. “Oh my nasty darling” retorted the CEO. Later at night the CEO, weaved a sober looking cloth piece and used it to wrap some documents. He tightly sealed the wrap with threads. On the exterior of the wrapping, he wrote, “I came, I saw, I tried to conquer, you did the same, let’s do it together” “Synergy lies in joining hands and not in whacking them”. He sent the pack to his rival. The rival company’s CEO got that fancy wrap. He opened it and to his utter astonishment he found documents that contained an offer of 30 percent distribution rights of his rival company.

Well, that was a time then. We moved ahead but the spirit of the two giants remains as it is, but this time it is not the enmity, but the spirit of a strong business tie up.

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